Fruti Fizz Red Anar 250 ml



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Fruti Fizz Red Anar can be called a historical product, because it is the first ever Pakistani carbonated drink. For that reason, it is considered as a kind of a national product in Pakistan, which fills with pride the inhabitants of this Asian country. This drink has brought the country of Pakistan great reputation around the world. Therefore, in order to still have it maintained, we strive for continuous improvement in production of carbonated beverages. Fruti Fizz Red Anar is an incredibly refreshing carbonated drink with pomegranate flavour. Just with the first sip we are inspired by unique atmosphere of the summer rest and sweet idleness. In the cooler period, however, it brings memories of summer travels and carefree fun. Rich beverage carbonation causes that Fruti Fizz deals great with extinguishing even the biggest thirst in our mouth, though…unique taste is characterized by the fact that even after satisfying a desire, you want more. Fruti Fizz Red Anar fits to almost any occasion and any time of a day. For children and for adults – literally everyone will feel the joy of the palate, when from the unusually elegant, slender can in his direction, the Frutti Fizz stream will sail. Small capacity – 250 ml – is not accidental, as it allows for the rapid injection of freshness.

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Red Anar


250 ml slim can


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