Fruti Float Mango 250ml



Product Description

Fruti Float drinks series is one of the main business cards of King Beverages Industries and the most sought-after drink from the slim can series, that is, those located in the elegant, narrow and handy 250 ml cans. We would like to meet the extremely different kinds of needs of our consumers and give them a chance to break some kind of routine in the context of selected beverages. We are one of the few manufacturers in the world that uses a unique method of filling a can with juice that containes real fruit pieces, what makes our product delicious, healthy and nutritious. What is also important here is our meaningful motto, which describes in excellent way, what we are guided by during production of Fruti Float. It assumes that fruits can be funny, colorful and exquisitely delicious! Fruti Float proves that we do not make empty promises. Find out for yourself!

Additional Information