KingCola 250ml



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Carbonated beverages such as coca-cola, or lemon soft drink are undoubtedly classics, as the world long and wide. King Beverages Industries also has a representative in this circle and offers its customers a unique drinks KingCola & KingIce. Characteristic aroma, intense bubbles and instant quenching thirst – all this makes a glass of King-drink worth having literally at any time of a day and even at night. Perfect for dessert, a party or after an exhausting physical effort. Undoubtedly, its quintessence of taste occurs after its cooling, what makes the drink extremely refreshing. The drink is dedicated for everyone who wants to feel the rising tide of remarkable refreshing inside oneself, freshness and delicate excitement. It is unquestioningly a drink for everyone, regardless of the age or sex. Give yourself a chance for a moment of pleasure and carefreeness.

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250 ml aluminium can


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